Can I produce my own Barcode Verification Reports for Retail?

Yes, in recent times changes have been made in the Retail Sector that now allows manufacturers and suppliers to produce their own Barcode Verification Reports to meet Retail Supply requirements. To qualify, suppliers must have an ISO grade Verifier, perform specific physical measurements of the barcode, have a clear understanding of Barcode Placement – as detailed within the GS1 Guidelines and produce a suitable Verification report. Intermax provides a certification training program to qualify companies to meet these standards. It should be noted that ownership of the allocated number and correct product validation are additional items checked by GS1 during their testing.

What is the ongoing cost and duration of this certification training?

There is no ongoing cost and once trained you are certified for the period that you stay with your company – we do however strongly recommend that refresher courses be taken if you cease working with these units for any extended length of time or if your understanding of the results wanes. Practise makes perfect and so regular use of these devices is essential to keep in touch with the correct process. All attendants are noted and included on the certification – additional staff must undertake training to comply!

Does being certified to use the Axicon Verifiers mean I don’t need GS1 anymore?

GS1 is an integral partner to all GS1 members and they provide many services for their annual fee’s. Each product that is allocated a GS1 barcode (by GS1) is tested and entered into their National Database. To maintain this arrangement an annual subscription must be paid. Ongoing testing, quality checks and reports can be performed by the user in-house with an ISO grade Verifier.

What is the standard time of delivery for a Verifier?

As all Verifiers are delivered sealed from the manufacturer – only a small stock allowance is kept on the shelf of each model. We have weekly deliveries of various models, so dependent on the day of your PO receipt – we can usually deliver in 7-10 working days of order when the stock is brought in or sooner for available stock.

What is provided with the Verifier?

Each unit or combo pack is delivered in a padded case for the unit’s transport and protection. Inside each case is; the Verifier/s, a USB Cable, a manual, a Software CD, a Calibration Card and a certificate of ISO Compliance.

Additional to the above – Barcode Verification provides; limited free phone support, limited free Barcode diagnosis, the Lifetime supply of Software Upgrades and optional onsite staff training – quoted as per site; (based on location and travel time).

Can I get my staff trained on the use of the Verifier?

Yes, as an optional extra – Intermax can provide onsite training across Australia. Training is strongly recommended as our experienced trainers can get staff up and going immediately and provide additional diagnosis knowledge – well past the abilities of the provided manual. Staff numbers are not restricted in these training classes, however, numbers must be clarified to ensure sufficient room, so the value is exceptional. Additionally, we offer a Certification process so that you attain a customised report and your company Logo will be displayed on this website so that vendors can be aware of your Verification credentials.

What support can I get from Intermax?

Intermax is one of two Axicon Authorised suppliers in Australia with Cobra Systems and can provide both warranty and full-service support; including re-certification of the verifiers, supply of new calibration cards, unit testing and out of warranty repairs.

We can also provide the full analysis of barcode verification results and for any ambiguous results we have direct access to the UK manufacturer and will return detailed results of any tests conditions that exceed our local skill sets.

Why do I need an ISO grade Verifier?

This is a question that can be extensively answered – but to keep it simple; only an ISO grade Verifier meets international standards on both the quality of build in the Scan unit as well as the method of Verification. Prior to ISO grading, nearly all Verifiers returned different results based on the various quality of builds on the units – making the results almost pointless! All ISO units today are built to these high ISO standards meet all quality requirements and provide the same results in testing – ensuring that the results are accurate and reliable.

Are there any ongoing costs associated with owning an ISO Verifier?

All units come with a Free lifetime support of the Software – this can be downloaded directly from the Axicon Website Downloads page – but we will keep all clients aware of any necessary updates and when you need to upgrade. As the device is built to ISO standards you do need to undertake an annual re-certification of the device to comply with the ISO standards. This can be achieved locally and is performed within our offices – so you can get your device back promptly.

Why can’t I use a scanner to tell if my barcode reads?

This question could be answered in volumes – however, the simple answer is that a scanner will read a barcode only to its own ability. Some barcode scanners can read poor quality barcodes and others only high-quality codes – but when a codes quality falters there is no way of knowing that the next scanner will do unless it has been tested by a Barcode Verifier! Once a barcode has passed a Barcode verifiers standards, it ensures that that code will be readable BY ALL barcode scanners that come across its path.

 I have an old Verifier that still works – why would I upgrade it?

Barcode Verification undertook a significant change several years ago when the ISO standards came into play. The ISO standards applied not only to the way the verification was performed – but also the quality and accuracy of the hardware used in the verification process; as a result, 90% of verifiers ceased to comply and were removed from sale to the market. Many of these old verifiers are still floating around today and are next to useless in their accuracy and ability to grade a barcode – at least to any consistent standard. If it is NOT an ISO Grade unit – Don’t use it!

What is the real benefit of owning my own Barcode Verifier? 

This can best be answered with another question – what would be the consequences to your business if your products barcodes failed to read? Would this affect your business’s reputation? Would your customer loose faith in your quality control processes? Could this failure lose you business? Having to fix such an issue will most certainly cost you time and money and in most cases a lot more than the investment in a verifier. Even if you had your product verified by GS1 when you first created the packaging, subsequent printing could go wrong and unless you perform frequent testing – you would never know until its too late.

Having an ISO Grade Verifier will also allow you to become certified to produce your own Verification Reports and expedite your testing and delivery to market. If your creating SSCC labels a quick verification will reveal not only quality issues – but also if your use-by dates have expired or identify other label content issues!

What is your refund policy?

With all standard products; such as Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers, Mobile RF Terminals etc, we offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email with a copy of your receipt and we will refund your purchase once goods are received back in their original condition. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

With ISO Grade Barcode Verifiers; we are unable to offer refunds – unless the units are found to be faulty in their operation. This is because all ISO Verifiers are supplied sealed at the time of purchase with an ISO certificate of quality compliance – each unit is tested and certified prior to leaving the manufacturing plant in the UK. Units that have been opened and used cannot be known for their method of treatment and require the return to Axicon in the UK for re-certification and this cost would be passed on to the customer. Please discuss any concerns prior to purchase.

What are your payment terms?

All non-account customers are required to pay in advance of shipping for all standard items. Account customers receive terms as arranged for all standard items. All ISO Verifiers are required to be paid in advance by all customers – due to their ISO certification status – please see above for clarification.

Where do I place my barcode on my products?

There is a clear guide that best describes this area that GS1 has prepared. Please click here for the link – GS1 Guidelines for Barcode Placement

What are your freight charges?

We use Australia Post for all freight – on average most parcels are shipped to major metro cities for a standard freight fee – $22.00 – $33.00 Inc GST, not insured. All freight is shipped to areas outside of metro cities for a pre-arranged fee – not insured unless specified.

PLEASE NOTE: While we take all possible care and responsibility to ensure your shipment is packaged and shipped safely – loses in transit can occur. Unless an additional freight insurance is taken at the time of purchase these instances ARE NOT covered in standard shipping fee’s. Insurance is available on all freight upon request at additional cost – please ask at the time of purchase for this to be included and a quotation will be provided.

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