Whether you need a Barcode number for a new product, a Barcode Label to stick on your product or maybe a Barcode image to give to your printer so they can print it directly onto your packaging – we have the solution for you.

We get asked regularly – where can I get my Barcodes?

Originally, barcodes were only issued from GS1 (previously EAN) Australia for Australian Customers – so if you were needing a Retail Barcode for your product, your first step was to register with GS1 and attain your codes.

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In late 2002, GS1 changed to a subscription base model and annual fees were introduced for membership. Your annual subscription provides you with a number of unique barcode numbers for use on your products and some additional services are supplied with your subscription. This is still the main way to achieve a GS1 Barcode – knowing you will be given a unique GS1 Barcode with an Australian prefix and your company and product will be listed on their GS1 National Database allowing retailers to draw on his information while you remain financial.

Today, there are many companies selling GS1 Barcodes online in singles or multiples – these are sold for small fees and without annual subscription – so they are an enticing offer for small startups looking to reduce their initial costs. These barcodes were allocated by GS1 prior to the subscription model and therefore do not have an annual fee associated to them – therefore they are sold without any subscription requirement. Many of these codes have a zero starting number as they are often allocated from the US market or they are US UCPA codes. Retailers now accept these codes in Australia and some of these online companies are offering their own database links to allow the retailers to draw company and product information from their own database of allocated numbers.

While these are legal GS1 or UCPA barcodes to use on your products – using these will void you from getting your products on the GS1 National Database.

Before making your choice – it’s a good idea to check with your customers to see if there are any issues in using your chosen method.

To apply for a GS1 barcode from GS1 – please click on the following –  JOIN GS1

To purchase a GS1 barcode online – simply search for “buy a barcode” or click here for one company – Barcodes Australia

What about those online Barcode Sites that sell cheap Barcodes – can I use those?

You can buy just about anything online today and Barcodes are no different – so what’s the difference? 

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EAN and UPC Barcodes are used for all retail products except variable weight items, books and pharmaceuticals; so you need to attain a GS1 Barcode for items to be sold in the retail markets.

GS1 is a business not unlike any other and they are not a government agency – so there is no law that states you have to use them to attain your Barcodes. All Barcodes that are sold by reputable online sellers are genuine GS1 Barcodes that were allocated prior to GS1 changing to annual subscription fees – so these codes do not require annual renewal.

The large Retail organisations have now changed their wording to that the supplier of the barcoded goods are responsible for the Barcode being unique and readable –  meeting these requirements is your responsibility!

Companies who sell Barcodes Online are not breaking the law – they are simply reselling GS1 Barcodes that were issued prior to changes to the GS1 subscription model. These Barcodes are no longer being used or have been sold by the original companies that no longer want them – however, some online sellers have been found to simply make them up! So, you need to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company!

So what’s the big deal? The main issue with using these barcode numbers is; they are not always guaranteed to be unique, they cannot be used to registered your products on the GS1 Product Database nor will your company be registered as the owner of these codes on the GS1 database. Likewise, the 93 prefix that lists a product as an Australian Item cannot be attained in these numbers (since they usually come from the US) – so in short your product may remain an unlisted product that is not easily identified to your organisation and is not recognised by its prefix number as allocated in Australian.

Today most larger retailers use the GS1 Product Database via EDI to attain product details when selling items – they have however started to accept these online Barcodes within their stores as acceptable barcodes – so your products can use these. These online sellers have also started to create their own databases – so the retailers are able to link to these to attain your product information – just make sure you ask the right questions before investing in these!

Many sites profess that the barcode numbers they sell are accepted by all Retail Companies – and this may be correct but always check first as the cost may be small initially to buy these barcodes – but not if you label all of your products only to later discover an issue!

To check a GTIN for its registered ownership credentials – simply go to the below link and enter the Global Trade Identification Number.


click the following Link – Search by GTIN

So, now you have attained your barcode numbers and you need to get a barcode image to put on your product – what do you do next?

There is much to consider when you are ready to place a barcode on your product and mistakes can cost you big-time! Its not just about getting the barcode to read correctly, (via Barcode Verification) – you need to consider the size of the code, where its placed on the packaging and even the method of printing used; as the type of printing process could make the barcode unreadable! The best way to achieve the right results is to get help!

Feel free to contact us as well as we will be able to assist in these many areas.


GS1 has a useful checklist to assist in Barcode Implementation – Click Here to Download Guide

Some In-House Barcode generation options:-

  • External Bureau services are able to create barcodes to order, most provide skill and expertise to ensure that the barcode is designed to the optimum characteristics.
  • Barcodes Direct” is a web-based customer subscription service offering Barcode Creation with maximum flexibility, ease of use and protection from software obsolescence.
  • EPS Software Filmbars Graphics is the ideal solution for companies who wish to purchase their own in-house software and create their own barcodes images as required for internal use or provide to their printers.
  • Free Online barcode generators exist for barcode generation requirements that do not require line width adjustment – try the free online generator below.
  • Label design Software is also available if you simply want to print your own barcode labels in-house. Sales can sometimes include; training in the use of these packages, the sale of Thermal Printers and even supply the consumable labels and ribbons.

Before you commit to any of these solutions; feel free to contact us directly to discuss your requirements – for peace of mind that you are making the right choice! We are here to help!

– We Make It Work!

To make life easy, we provide a simple bureau service to create and supply your barcode files for you – ready to insert into your product artwork.

Barcode files can be provided in single units or in a quantity. Magnification can be provided (for GS1 Retail Codes) from 77% to 200% as per GS1 specifications. To cope with various printing technologies, line reduction or increase can also be built into the barcode file to ensure your printing process  produce a perfect code everytime.

Barcodes Direct Online is an Internet based service where you can create a barcode image instantly, anywhere in the world.

Registration includes 5 barcode credits with additional credits available to purchase as you require them. Once registered you will be issued with a login name and password which enables access from any computer (with internet access).  Simply enter the barcode specifications required and download your barcode image within minutes. Previous downloads are kept in your file for future use

With a large range of barcode symbology’s available and features such as Bar Width Reduction (BWR) to compensate for ink spread its the perfect solution to have anytime and anywhere you may need it!

For more info – click here – Barcodes Direct Online

FilmBars Graphics is a barcode file generation package, available for PCs running Windows 98 or later. (Including win 7,8 & 10)

There are two versions of Filmbars Graphics available: one is a version which covers all of the standard linear barcodes (as used for the retail supply chain etc) and the other covers both linear and the newer two-dimensional barcodes – see details below.

The package enables the user to define: magnification factor, height, length, ratio bearer bars and bar-width-reduction in 1 micron increments, as required by reproduction methods. The software calculates relevant barcode check digit and also checks that you codes conform to the correct specification.

FilmBars Graphics is supplied with a single user, end-user licence. The software is protected by the use of a dongle (hard-key) and we can supply either a parallel port or a USB dongle as required – please specify preference when ordering).

For more info, click here – FilmBars Software

Want a FREE barcode generator? – try this great online barcode generator.

Online Barcode Generator

Simply select the symbology corresponding to your required barcode format and enter the contents (and any formatting) and click create!

Downloads are available in EPS, PNG, PDF and SVG formats.

For in-house label generation we recommend and supply BarTender, the world’s leading design and print software for labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Running stand-alone or integrated with just about any other program, BarTender is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application, including: labels, print and apply, direct marking on parts and packaging, encoding smart cards, sign production, and much more.

Get a Free 30 Day Copy to try – click here – Bartender Software

Need a Thermal printer and the consumables; not a problem – we have a large range to cater for all your needs.