18 December 2017

New software updates introduce fractional grading for barcode parameters

The latest software updates, will be available free of charge from here (our downloads page), will ensure that your verifier is compliant with the latest version of the ISO/IEC standard for measuring barcode print quality.

Installing the new software is straightforward, and it will result in more accurate grading of your barcodes. Updates are available for the 6000, 6500, 7000, and 15000 range verifiers.

More information about the upgrade is available here.

NEWS FLASH – The 12000 Series to end June 2018!

Following the development of a new series of 2D barcode verifiers; the 15000 series, Axicon are about to stop selling the Axicon 12000 range of verifiers. We will not be able to supply any new 12000 models if they are ordered after the end of this June! 

If you are particularly interested in the 12800 and 12900 direct part mark barcode verifiers, it is very important that you let us know and place your orders for these as soon as possible!

The latest 2D 1500 series Verifiers allow Verification of not only all the latest 2D barcodes but also the linear codes at any angle – plus with these new 2D 1500 series Verifiers, linear barcode height and human readable code comparison is included in all testing – making these 2D Verifiers an amazing technology breakthrough.

Check out these new 15000 series in the Barcode Verifier Section of this website – Or Click HERE!

FREE – Android App For Mobile Barcode Verification Now Available!

“This new app gives our linear verifier users extra functionality, as they don’t need to use a PC or laptop to power the verifier. If it is easier to take the verifier to the product to check the barcode, then using the app with a tablet or smartphone makes this very straightforward,” explained Martin Morrison, managing director of Axicon Auto ID Limited.


Verifier conformance aligment service (VCAS) – Annual Service

Although Axicon Verifiers are robust devices and designed to be used on the shop floor, verifiers need this VCAS every year to make sure they still conform to ISO/IEC 15426-1 or 15426-2, and give you the accurate and consistent results that you require.

A new calibration card is included in this service.

Intermax performs this service now in Australia allowing fast re-certification and ensuring your Verifier is promptly back to you!

Please contact us if you would like to arrange your VCAS. You will need a completed RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authority) form to accompany your verifier when you send it in, and this can be completed HERE.