Want to Verify your GS1 Barcodes in-house and get your products promptly to market? 

Learn not only how to effectively use an ISO Verifier – but also how to fix any issues discovered!

While all units come with a manual – Verifier training can get your staff up and going with confidence immediately; we teach far more than what any manual covers! 


Our Verification training is usually provided on your premises for your staffs convenience and is a practical, hands-on course. We also conduct Barcode Verification Training at our offices or at various locations in the main cities – so this is also an option.

We customize your training to focus on what’s important to you so that we use your valuable time to the best ability. Whether you want a high-level overview or a basic run down of the steps involved in Verification – we can tailor the training to suit your business needs. Training courses can be broken into two sessions starting at basic operation for sales and general staff and then continuing with an in-depth examination of specific situations and concerns for main operators.

In general our training takes approximately 2-3 hours dependant on the level of questions and staff involvement. We welcome groups and do not limit attendance numbers – so long as everyone fits in the allocated room!

We have been providing Verification training for over a decade and we are yet to have a single client who has not seen the immediate value in this service – in fact many clients who undertook the training some time after the purchase of their unit regretted not taking it sooner for all the features that they missed utilising earlier.

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Some of the areas covered in a normal training session follows:

  • Basic Barcode 101 – What is a barcode and how do they work?
  • Verifier installation, set up and calibration
  • Correct procedure in performing the Verification
  • Effects of Verifying empty packaging VS a filled package
  • The effects of using colours in Barcodes
  • Understanding the verification screens and results
  • Using the Verifiers results to improve barcode issues
  • Setting up the Product Look-up Database
  • The use of auto save and CSV saving feature for quality auditing
  • Printing and emailing verification reports
  • Using the Job Reference for your verification reports
  • Upgrading the Software for your Verifier

GS1 and Barcode Verification

Product Barcodes are designed to merge with the supply chains of major suppliers or distributors, it is imperative that your barcode scans first time, every time.  A number of Barcode Verification Reports is included in your annual GS1 membership after which a fee applies for each additional test. The fundamental reason for submitting products for Barcode Testing is to ensure the barcode meets its quality obligations and will read on any barcode scanner; thus save time, save money and build stronger, more profitable relationships with trading partners – do it yourself!

In-house Barcode Verification Reporting

The Retail Industry in Australia have opened the doors to manufacturers and suppliers producing their own Barcode Verification Reports. To ensure that this function is meeting retail standards an ISO grade Verifier is required and training is suggested to be undertaken to ensure that the company meets all testing criteria – such as correct knowledge in barcode placement and the production of a suitable report that includes all relevant test results. If you would like to achieve self testing ability in your organisation – call us today.

Please take a moment to review the following videos:

“Barcode Verification Demonstration” & “GS1 Verification” a full training video on how Verification works in the supply industry.

What ever your requirement for training – contact Intermax and we can work out a solution tailored for you.