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barcode verifier - 6000W - intermax

Axicon 6000W series

Axicon 6000W Series: Precision Meets Pharmaceutical Excellence Dive deep into the world of pharmaceutical barcode verification with the Axicon 6000W series. This dedicated verifier is tailored specifically for the unique…
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barcode verifier - PV-1072 - intermax

Axicon PV-1072

Axicon PV-1072: Simplified Barcode Verification Looking for a streamlined solution to barcode verification? The Axicon PV-1072 is your answer. While it focuses solely on saving and printing text file results,…
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barcode verifier - PV-1000 - intermax

Axicon PV-1000

Axicon PV-1000: Versatile Verification on the Go Embrace the power of flexibility with the Axicon PV-1000. Designed for those who prioritize both mobility and efficiency, this device offers a seamless…
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