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Having your own ISO Grade Barcode Verifier will save you serious time and money by doing all your barcode verification requirements in-house. Fix quality errors quickly and avoid waiting for external test results!

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See for yourself why more and more businesses are starting to do their barcode verification in-house.

Get Certified So You Can Do Your Testing and Verification Report Generation In-House

With the recent change in retailers’ policies regarding barcode verification in Australia, certified vendors can now perform barcode verification in-house, saving them serious time, money, and effort in packaging updates.

Intermax has been supplying Axicon ISO verifiers in Australia for well over a decade and has been a trainer in these systems for just as long. As such, we have been accepted as a trainer by Axicon to certify companies like yours to comply with the required verification standards.

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Save Serious Time and Money on Barcode Verification

Having the ability to instantly test barcodes, identify issues, and make adjustments to the bar width deviations in-house prior to production is invaluable and can save you serious time and money.

Even prior to package completion, barcode verifiers are an invaluable tool in QA testing of samples and packaging and design analysis. An Axicon ISO verifier can tell you if your packaging background is suitable for a barcode even before one is printed onto it.

A verifier can also help you quickly measure issues with printing bleed or shrinkage so you can make adjustments before spending money on printing. The adjustment ratio you use can then serve as an ongoing recipe to ensure perfect results every time.

Testing of SSCC (GS128) labels is largely missed by companies due to the print and apply times being generally too short to involve outside testing. Having an in-house verification system that allows immediate and regular testing of not only the barcode quality but also the content of the label, such as the best before date, batch number, quantity, and weight, prior to dispatch of goods.

Many companies today also use automated production systems that rely on barcodes to identify the different stages of the work in progress. Having an in-house verification system ensures that issues can be identified and rectified immediately, preventing massive losses.

Non-retail item applications, such as loyalty cards, discount coupons, and asset labelling, on the other hand, all require accuracy and quality in the barcode production to ensure the success of the solution. In-house testing ensures that these areas are also covered and mistakes are identified and rectified quickly.

Keep Your Verifiers Up to Date With Our Annual Verifier Conformance Alignment Service (VCAS)

Axicon’s barcode verifiers are high-precision optical devices that need to be serviced every year to ensure they provide accurate and consistent results at all times.

Although these verifiers are robust devices designed to be used on the shop floor, they need annual checking and maintenance to make sure they conform to ISO/IEC 15426-1 or 15426-2 standards and give you the accurate and consistent results that you require.

Our annual VCAS comes with a new calibration card so you can perform the standard user calibration at regular intervals once you are recertified. The goal is to ensure that your verifier’s reflectance values match the reference standard values on the new calibration card.

The service ultimately allows you to have your Axicon verifier checked, cleaned, adjusted, reset, and issued a new ISO/IEC conformance certificate here in Australia in one go, allowing you to save you serious time and money.

We can even hire a unit whilst you have your unit in for recertification.