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Get Your ISO-Certified Barcode Verifier Straight From an Authorised Australian Axicon Distributor

Beware of grey importers of this product! These are companies who bring Axicon products into Australia through other countries, ignoring the certified supply channels set up by the original manufacturers. This could void your warranty.

Linear Barcode Verifiers - Our Standard Range Of 1D Verifiers

Axicon 6000 Series
Axicon 6000 Series: Simplifying Barcode Verification The Axicon 6100-S, the pinnacle of barcode verification technology designed for precision and efficiency in retail and pharmaceutical environments. Engineered by Axicon Auto ID,…
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barcode verifier - 6500 series - intermax
Axicon 6500 Series
Axicon 6500 Series: Barcode Verification Perfected Experience the seamless integration of advanced technology and user-friendliness with the Axicon 6500 Series. Tailored for product manufacturers, label creators, and packagers, this verifier…
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barcode verifier - 7000 series - intermax
Axicon 7000 Series
Axicon 7000 Series: Seamless Verification for Modern Enterprises Dive into a world of precise, efficient, and user-friendly barcode verification with the Axicon 7000 Series. Crafted to cater to modern businesses’…
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Elevate Your Standards with Axicon 6100-S Verifier

Unlock Precision & Efficiency in Retail and Healthcare Exclusive Pre-Order Benefits!

*The new Axicon 6100-S replaces the retiring Axicon 6015 model.

Pair Your Barcode Verifier With the Free Mobile Axicon Verifier App

Axicon barcode verifiers can now be used on the move with Android devices, thanks to the free Axicon app now available on the Google Play store.

The app allows anyone with an Axicon 6000, 6500 or 7000 series verifier to use it with their Android device and record the results as easily as with a PC or laptop. It can also be used to open all your saved scan files regardless of the linear barcode verifier you used to create them.

The app is based on the Axicon PC verifier software, so the results of the verification are displayed just as clearly along with the ISO/IEC grade and details of the individual parameters. The saved scan file records can also be transferred to a PC and form the basis of any quality control system.

Most users will need to use a USB on-the-go (OTG) adapter for their device and check which one is required to connect to their verifier.

“This new app gives our linear verifier users extra functionality, as they don’t need to use a PC or laptop to power the verifier. If it is easier to take the verifier to the product to check the barcode, then using the app with a tablet or smartphone makes this very straightforward,” explained Martin Morrison, managing director of Axicon Auto ID Limited.

ISO-Certified Barcode Verifiers in Australia

S Range Linear Verifiers

Axicon 7100-S
7100-S Barcode Verifier: Precision Meets Speed Unlock unmatched efficiency with the 7100-S Barcode Verifier, specifically designed to cater to large linear barcodes up to a width of 200 mm or…
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barcode verifier - 6525-S - intermax
Axicon 6525 – S
Axicon 6525 – S: Your Barcode Solution for Every Scale The Axicon 6525 – S is a versatile verifier tailored for both consumer unit products and smaller traded pack barcodes.…
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Axicon 6100-S
Share thisAxicon 6100-SHigh Speed Barcode Verifier SAVE $1,1650 $4,650.00 ex. GST $6,300.00 *The new Axicon 6100-S replaces the retiring Axicon 6015 model. The Axicon 6100-S is designed to verify small…
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Step into the Next Gen with Axicon 7100-S Verifier

Mastering Accuracy at Remarkable Speeds Call for a Special Offer Today!

Special Models

barcode verifier - 7015-IP50 - intermax
Axicon 7015-IP50
Axicon 7015-IP50: Precision Meets Protection Dive into unparalleled barcode verification with the Axicon 7015-IP50. Engineered to perfection, this verifier is certified to meet international standards, catering specifically to barcodes demanding…
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barcode verifier - IN-LINE 6515HS - intermax
Axicon In-Line 6515HS
Axicon In-Line 6515HS: Barcode Verification Perfected Welcome to the age of precision with the Axicon In-Line 6515HS. Tailored for thermal printers, this verifier harnesses advanced CCD imaging technology, ensuring your…
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barcode verifier - 6015-7015 Combo Set - intermax
Axicon 6015/7015 Combo Set
Axicon 6015/7015 Combo Set: Barcode Excellence in One Package Introducing the Axicon 6015/7015 Combo Set – your ultimate tool for ensuring impeccable barcodes from the smallest to the largest ones.…
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Portable & Pharmaceutical Models

barcode verifier - PV-1072 - intermax
Axicon PV-1072
Axicon PV-1072: Simplified Barcode Verification Looking for a streamlined solution to barcode verification? The Axicon PV-1072 is your answer. While it focuses solely on saving and printing text file results,…
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barcode verifier - PV-1000 - intermax
Axicon PV-1000
Axicon PV-1000: Versatile Verification on the Go Embrace the power of flexibility with the Axicon PV-1000. Designed for those who prioritize both mobility and efficiency, this device offers a seamless…
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15000 Series

barcode verifier - 15500 series - intermax
15000 Series: Mastering the Art of Barcode Verification Discover a verification marvel in the 15000 series. Engineered with an intricate array of LEDs combined with a CCD-based sensor, this device…
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15200 Series: Multi-dimensional Barcode Mastery Meet the future of barcode verification with the 15200 series. Powered exclusively via USB2 for unmatched portability, this state-of-the-art verifier comes armed with an innovative…
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