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Where you get your barcode numbers is an extremely important choice. Read on to learn some of the benefits and pitfalls that await!

So You Need to Put Barcodes On Your Products but You’re Not Sure Where Best to Get Them?

This is a question that we get regularly and one that you need to really consider.

If you are a large business and supply to the retail grocery market, then becoming a member of GS1 and subscribing to them for your numbers is probably your best option. This will ensure that your products are included in the National Product Database – that these retail stores use for product information.

If however, you are a smaller business or those in different sectors, there are other paths to consider. Learn more below!

Decoding the Source: Whos Behind Your Barcode?

Behind the Bars Know the Story of Your Barcode’s Origin

For anyone stepping into the business arena, understanding barcodes is vital, especially given their significance in modern commerce. Initially, GS1 Australia was the primary body issuing barcodes to businesses in Australia. But a shift in their approach in 2002 led to the adoption of a subscription-based model. This approach meant businesses paid annual fees based on their turnover and code requirements, receiving unique barcodes for their products. However, this comes with a condition: the barcodes are licensed, meaning businesses are licensees, not the actual owners.

The evolving market has seen the rise of numerous independent entities offering GS1 Barcodes without the hassle of annual subscriptions. At face value, this seems like an attractive option, especially for startups eager to minimize costs. Some of these barcodes originate from the US and, while widely accepted by many Australian retailers, they come with their own set of considerations. Opting for these might exclude your products from the GS1 National Database and might not provide the coveted unique company prefix. Hence, before making a decision, it’s always wise to consider what best aligns with your business goals and customer preferences.

In conclusion, the barcode ecosystem is diverse and offers a range of choices tailored to various needs. As with all business decisions, being informed is key. And if you ever need guidance in navigating this intricate world, know that companies like Intermax are always ready to lend their expertise.

To purchase a GS1 barcode online, simply Google “buy a barcode” or click here: Barcodes Australia

know who your buying barcodes from
is there a risk in buying barcodes from online sellers

Is there a Risk: Buying Barcodes from Online Sellers?

Understanding Online Barcode Purchases

In the digital realm, purchasing items, including the seemingly complex barcodes, is simplified. For those delving into retail, two primary barcode types dominate the scene:

  1. EAN13
  2. UPC-A

They’re ubiquitous, excluding certain products like books, variable weight items, and pharmaceuticals. Conventionally, one would procure a GS1 barcode for retail integration. However, a crucial distinction to note is that while GS1 is the predominant distributor, they aren’t the sole authority. As a business entity, not a governmental body, purchasing from them isn’t a legal mandate. Numerous online vendors provide authentic GS1 barcodes, sourced before GS1 Australia’s transition to a subscription model or procured internationally, thereby eliminating recurring fees.

While the convenience of online purchasing is undeniable, due diligence remains paramount. The growing digital landscape brings with it the responsibility of ensuring barcode authenticity, especially given that large retailers now place the responsibility squarely on suppliers. While online, it’s essential to remember that some barcodes might be repurposed from businesses that no longer need them. Consequently, official recognition as the new ‘owner’ might elude you. These details, though seemingly minor, can introduce complexities. For instance, the uniqueness of these barcodes isn’t always a guarantee. Furthermore, they might not facilitate product or company listings on the GS1 database, and often, they lack the Australian prefix indicative of GS1 Australia issuance, given their US origins.

Yet, the evolving retail landscape offers a glimmer of adaptability. A majority of prominent retailers now employ the GS1 product database for product detail verification. Interestingly, they’ve also demonstrated adaptability towards older barcode models. Additionally, certain innovative online barcode vendors have initiated their databases, ensuring product detail verification remains uncompromised. 

As the terrain shifts, consider seeking expertise from trusted industry players like Intermax. We not only provide barcode solutions tailored to your needs but also offer advisory services to guide you through this intricate realm. With Intermax, you navigate the barcode world confidently, equipped with genuine and efficient solutions!

To check a GTIN for its registered ownership credentials, simply visit the following link: Search by GTIN

After You Get Your Barcodes

You’ve got your barcodes, now what? There’s more to it than just sticking it on. Missteps in barcode placement or printing can be costly.

It’s not just about it scanning right. It’s about size, location, and even the print technique, as the tiniest detail can make a great barcode useless.

Don’t leave it to chance. Let the pros guide you!

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