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7100-S barcode verifiers

Axicon 7100-S

7100-S Barcode Verifier: Precision Meets Speed Unlock unmatched efficiency with the 7100-S Barcode Verifier, specifically designed to cater to large linear barcodes up to a width of 200 mm or…
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barcode verifier - 7025-S - intermax

Axicon 7025-S

Axicon 7025-S: The Pinnacle of Barcode Verification Welcome to the Axicon 7025-S – the hallmark of innovation and accuracy. Part of the “S” range, this verifier boasts the unique “Continuous…
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barcode verifier - 6525-S - intermax

Axicon 6525 – S

Axicon 6525 – S: Your Barcode Solution for Every Scale The Axicon 6525 – S is a versatile verifier tailored for both consumer unit products and smaller traded pack barcodes.…
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barcode verifier - 6025-S - intermax

Axicon 6025 – S

Introducing Axicon 6025-S: Precision at Your Fingertips Experience barcode verification like never before with the Axicon 6025-S. Hailing from the renowned “S” range, this device revolutionizes verification with its “Continuous…
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