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barcode verifier - 6015-7015 Combo Set - intermax

Axicon 6015/7015 Combo Set

Axicon 6015/7015 Combo Set: Barcode Excellence in One Package Introducing the Axicon 6015/7015 Combo Set – your ultimate tool for ensuring impeccable barcodes from the smallest to the largest ones.…
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barcode verifier - IN-LINE 6515HS - intermax

Axicon In-Line 6515HS

Axicon In-Line 6515HS: Barcode Verification Perfected Welcome to the age of precision with the Axicon In-Line 6515HS. Tailored for thermal printers, this verifier harnesses advanced CCD imaging technology, ensuring your…
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barcode verifier - 7015-IP50 - intermax

Axicon 7015-IP50

Axicon 7015-IP50: Precision Meets Protection Dive into unparalleled barcode verification with the Axicon 7015-IP50. Engineered to perfection, this verifier is certified to meet international standards, catering specifically to barcodes demanding…
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