Why do I need a Verifier?

There are many reasons for having an ISO grade Barcode Verifier in your organisation – as well as providing for prompt and timely testing of your barcodes, it ensures that issues are discovered and fixed immediately prior to production. Many substrates (surface material) can effect a barcodes printing through bleed or shrinkage – only a Barcode Verifier can detect these deformations! While ISO grade Verifiers are not cheap and for new or small businesses, using a third party for this service is the most easy and economical way – however for companies with large product ranges – self verification assists with substantial savings in administration and distribution costs as well as enabling more frequent and timely testing.

Why Is Barcode Quality important?

The accuracy of barcodes remains fundamentally important because when a barcode fails to scan it adds time and cost to the trading process. At best, data has to be keyed in manually, and at worst vendors may reject a complete consignment of goods, resulting in lost sales and possible financial penalties. Remember – barcodes are also used to re-order and replenish stock – so it makes sense to help your customers to make buying from you quicker and easier!

Why can’t I use a Barcode Scanner to test that my Barcodes read?

The issue here is that while your scanner may read the code the next scanner to try may fail – it does not provide any real result to gauge how well the barcode has been created and does not ensure that other scanners will also read your barcode. Many of the new handheld scanners on the market use a “fuzzy technology” to assist in reading poor quality barcodes – they guess the code with a fairly high level of accuracy. The expensive retail store scanners work in the opposite way – they are calibrated to NOT read poor quality barcodes – this is to ensure that an incorrect read is avoided!