The Ultimate Barcode Verification Check: Where Do You Stand?

How can you ensure that the barcode verifier reports are distinguishable when scanning the same barcodes?

How can you tell if the backing material of your barcode is suitable to use on your packaging even before you start your design?

What is actually being read when you scan a barcode and why is this important to know?

Do you know the basics of how a retail barcode is constructed?

What is the most common and yet easy to fix issue with a barcode?

Do you know which colors are suitable to use for the background or the lines?

Is the height of a barcode important and why?

What is the difference between Decode and Decodability of a barcode?

How can you be sure that the barcode you’re verifying belongs to the product it is on, by just using the Axicon Software?

How can you easily compare your last few years of barcode verification scans of a product to quickly see if the printing quality is starting to degrade?